Sage Payroll & HR

Whether you have one employee, or ten thousand, our software makes running your HR office simple.

Our Payroll and HR software is recognised by SARS and complies with all of the latest payroll legislation. If you don’t want to run your payroll in-house, you can leave it in safe hands with our payroll outsourcing service.

Here are just a handful of the great features our HR and payroll products have to offer:

  • Flexible solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.
  • Always up to date with the latest legislation from SARS.
  • Keep an up to date record of all your employees.
  • Automatically calculates tax and statutory deductions.
  • Create payslips and IRP5s for your employees.
  • Affordable monthly payments.

Advantages for your business:

  • Process weekly, fortnightly and monthly paid employees with ease.
  • Make SARS submissions for multiple companies with multiple databases a breeze with consolidated reporting.
  • Self-service Advantage links your organisation’s multiple payroll companies into one self-service portal – empower your employees to access their secure online profile, submit travel claims and manage their leave.
  • Capture assets on your employees profiles which will notify you when it needs to be returned. With Cloud HR, certain HR functions, including online data capture, manager access to staff records in the cloud, distribution of HR related forms online with built-in workflow and approval, as well as email notifications, are taken directly to each line manager and empowers them to manage their staff directly.
  • Bulk terminations and reinstatements makes it easy to dismiss or re-employ multiple employees at once – especially useful if you employ seasonal or project-based employees.
  • Feature-rich additional modules give you a complete range of tools that add value to your payroll processes:

• Salary structuring – simplifies the task of structuring a total-cost-to-company remuneration package for each employee.
• Multiple transactions manager – complete more than one task easily, from only one screen.
• Third-party payments – disburse company deductions or contributions, like medical aids or pension funds, with the click of a button.

Industrial council reporting

Sage Payroll & HR caters for the following Industrial Councils:

MIBFA, MIBCO / MICFA, the Electrical Industry and the Road Freight Industry as well as the Private Security Industry. This module will provide you with the ability to generate the applicable Industrial Council’s electronic submission files. Now you no longer have to manually complete the Industrial Council reports. Simply generate the submission file and e-mail it to the applicable Industrial Council at the click of a button. This way you are ensured that all your calculations are correct the first time around, eliminating the chance of data-capture errors.

Human resources management made easy

With our easy-to-use HR Software System, suitable for any size and type of business, performance reviews and disciplinary procedures have never been more accurately recorded. Because the system is so concise and reports are customised to each employee, avoiding CCMA cases and compensation for wrongful dismissal is guaranteed.

What it does for you:

  • Disciplinary procedures are simplified by a system that comes with 66 disciplinary reasons – each with a set offence level.
  • Keep track of company assets in employees’ possession.
  • HR software ships with standard HRD forms and templates.
  • No Human Resources degree needed.
  • Telephonic and email support for the first year.
  • Single user or unlimited user options.

What’s even better is that the HR Management Software System integrates easily with Sage Payroll & HR, making for a speedy return on your investment.