Sage 50cloud Pastel Fixed Assets

Sage 50cloud Pastel Fixed Assets

Fixed assets are physical items such as desks, computers, cars, and machinery which you acquire to run your business. South African Company Law requires that you keep a register of your business’ fixed assets as part of its accounting records. However, business fixed asset management can be tedious and time-consuming. As you use assets, they depreciate or become obsolete. You can legally expense depreciation in your accounts for tax purposes. The Sage 50cloud Pastel Fixed Assets add-on module takes care of all of this for you. Managing your fixed assets includes the following tasks:

Once you provide the initial information, the Sage 50cloud Pastel Fixed Assets add-on module takes over and manages your assets for you. One of the realities of fixed assets processing is that companies frequently change depreciation rules as legislation allows and as company policy changes. Some changes are retroactive to when you purchased the asset. Sage 50cloud Pastel Fixed Assets calculates its values dynamically from the start of each asset’s life, which makes retroactive changes simple. Imagine the time required to accurately programme all this yourself into a spreadsheet!

Sage 50cloud Pastel Multi-Warehousing

Working with multiple stores is almost identical to working with normal inventory or stock. The only difference is that, each time you want to access an inventory item, you specify the store in which the item
exists. Sage 50cloud Pastel Multi-Warehousing makes it easy to track and control inventory items.

Some of the features include:

  • Set-up and use multiple stores or warehouses.
  • Ability to link users to one or more stores and prevent users from accessing items in other stores.
  • Create up to 999 stores with an unlimited number of inventory items per store.
  • The same inventory item code can exist in different stores and will share all item fields except quantities, cost prices, selling prices and reorder information.
  • Ability to copy selling prices from one store to another, per item per store.
  • Ability to transfer items between stores using a store transfer journal.
  • Inventory reports will allow you to filter on stores.

Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking

Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking allows you to track items from the moment you purchase or manufacture them, to the time you sell them. With this stock control software module, each item has its own
unique serial number, enabling you to track the item for warranty purposes, should it be returned to you for repairs.

Use Sage 50cloud Pastel Serial Number Tracking with other add-on modules like Sage 50cloud Pastel Multi- Stores / Warehousing and Sage 50cloud Pastel Bill of Materials. By using the multi-stores / warehousing

module, you can transfer serialised inventory items between stores, and our bill of materials module, allows you to manufacture into serialised items.