The Training Courses

We offer the following courses as either tailor- made to specific client needs or as a general comprehensive course for interested participants:
The Features

Computer Accounting Software Users Training

1. This is not limited to the accounting staff; including marketers (for raising quotes, invoices etc), administrative staff (for raising LPOs, etc), management and the system users supervisors, who need to understand the capabilities of the software so that they can apply it as an effective tool for meeting the reporting or financial information needs of the company.

Course Contents:

  • Sage 50 Accounting (Canadian Edition)
  • Sage 50 Accounting (US Edition)
  • Sage One Accounting (Cloud Hosting)
  • Sage 100, 200, 300 Complete Accounting Quickbooks Accounting

Course Modules for each of the above includes:

  • The General Ledger The Cashbook
  • Customers Receivable (Including Sales)
  • Suppliers Payables (Including Purchases) Inventory Module
  • Job Costing Module Fixed Assets Module Payroll Module

2.Computer Proficiency Training: Advanced Excel For Accountants

This training is facilitated by professional accountants for accountants to give hands-on data analysis and report format techniques in an easy to understand approach. This would enhance their professionalism in the presentation of the information to management and clients.

3.Technical Financial Skills Training

Professional accountants facilitate this training, to give hands-on technical financial skills that enhance the accountant productivity on the job function. It is enriched with live data examples designed to make the accountant proficient and up-to-date with accounting skills in a computerized environment.

Course Contents:

  • Cashflow Forecast And Management International Financial Reporting
  • Standards Training (IFRS)
  • Basic Accounting For Non-accountants
  • ERP Deployment using Accounting Software (Palladium, QuickBooks, Sage, etc.)
  • Balance Sheet Account Reconciliations (Bank, Receivables, Prepayments, etc)
  • Internal Control Implementation and Documentation
  • Budgeting and Budgetary Controls
  • Analyzing & Interpreting Financial Reports
  • Advanced Excel For Finance Managers
  • Taxation Compliance
  • Soft Skills ( Presentation, Teams ,Time Management, Coaching, etc)