NGK Process Consulting help to provide the necessary foundation blocks required for successfully implementing an efficient automated accounting system in your company.

The Implementation Features

Our team of experts come into your company to analyze your business and evaluate the sources of information and their respective processes as they affect your computerized accounting system. We identify areas with bottlenecks and inadequate controls and design processes to effectively eliminate these potential risk  in your computerized accounting environment

Process Analysis And Design: We deliver a report on the step-by-step recommendations for the improvement of the analyzed accounting processes.

ProcessImprovement Implementation:

We are in your company rendering hands-on services, as we implement the recommendations for the improvement of all the accounting processes.

Accounting Procedure Manual Preparation:

We deliver to you, your Company- specific Procedure Manual detailing the step-by-step activities for all the accounting processes using memos and flowcharts

The Product Benefits:

  • Having access always to a more accurate and promptly analyzed financial information.
  • Prevention of incomplete capturing of transactions into the accounting software.
  • Elimination of the time lags in report generation.
  • Achieving an up-to-date information feedback system for management..
  • Better decision-making capabilities.
  • Improved cash flow through systems integration.
  • Gaining greater control of your organization’s financial affairs.
  • Process documentation is required for the standardization and continuity of the effective automated accounting system.
  • Foundation for company growth etc.