Finance Management Services Outsourcing

Finance Management Services Outsourcing

Our Finance Management Service practice provides accounting and management support services to our clients throughout every phase of their economic cycle. Finance Management Support comprise two distinct but related service lines whose shared principal objective is the creation and enhancement of shareholder and stakeholder value – Recruitment and Outsourced Services;

At NGK & Co, our approach is to always deliver customer-specific solutions to our client. Therefore, the delivery of our outsourced accounting service for your organization based on our understanding of your interest will be to:

Assess both the status of the backlog of accounting entries into the existing Accounting software (if any) and the required control schedules available

Obtain a complete understanding of the current finance operations of our client business through interviews and walk-through procedures.

Completely manage the client’s finance department on a full-time basis by positioning our staff in the client location or by providing part-time services on the client site while fully maintaining an up-to-date accounting reports

The financial report we generate would comply with the generally accepted accounting principles for management use and in compliance with statutory regulations.

Our outsourced Finance Management Services is organized along the following service lines:

  1. Outsourced Finance Function
  2. Human Capital Recruitment

Outsourced Accounting Services

  1. Outsourced Finance Manager Services
  2. Accounting Project Services
  3. Accounting Bureau Services

Human Capital Recruitment Services

  1. Finance Function Executive Selection/ Recruitment
  2. Accounts Department Manpower Supply
  3. Specialized Recruitment Service
  4. Psychometric Testing