Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

NGK & Co. help you maintain efficient Accounting System, through our provision of excellent outsourced Accounting Services.
Our NGK Accounting Bureau Service delivery broadly categorized into four:

  • Accounting Project Services
  • Accounting Bureau Services
  • Periodic Compliance Audit
  • Specialized Recruitment Services

The Product Benefits:

The benefits of successfully implementing standard processes for the efficient running of the automated accounting system are many, they include:

  • Have a Skilled Professional Accountant work for you at your own affordable price.
  • Having more accurate and prompt information
  • Prevention of incomplete capturing of transactions into the accounting software
  • Elimination of the time lags in report generation
  • Achieving an up-to-date information feedback system for management.
  • Better decision-making capabilities Improved cash flow through systems integration
  • Gaining greater control of your organization’s financial affairs
    Foundation for company growth etc

The Product Features:


When you need your financial records up to date within a limited time frame, NGK & Co. offers this product to generate your up to date management reports. This includes physical Stock Counts, the Income statement, Balance sheet, Statement of cash flow, Stock report, Fixed Assets report, Creditors and Payable Report, Debtors and Receivable Report and Prepayment schedule.


When your business does not require the full-time engagement of a proficient chartered accountant, NGK & Co. offers this product to you, where our skilled Accounting staff comes to your premises for at least one hour every week to update the accounts on the automated system (- Either yours or ours) and to generate the financial report for the week. This service can include the preparation of month end payroll and attendance of project evaluation meetings for financial advice.


NGK & Co. offers this product to you where we serve as your company’s internal auditors. We ensure the compliance of your company’s staff to the documented processes within the accounting system. During this stage, further system improvement ideas would be identified and recommended for implementation and the training needs of the company staff would be identified and recommended as well


NGK & Co. also engage in assisting your company to employ skilled Accountants for the day-to-day maintenance of the Automate Accounting system. Our company would join your management in the interview and screening stages. This may at your instance include organizing written technical tests for the applicants, as well as oral evaluation during the interview.