NGK Consultants have proficient skills and many years of experience in designing and setting up accounting and internal control processes that are the foundation blocks to running an efficient automated accounting system.


To be the premier provider of efficient automated business information systems and excellent business assurance services that create enduring wealth through the facilitation of institution building of the African Enterprise to attain global standards.


We deliver excellent professional services, as we serve as Auditors, Financial Managers, Management and Tax Consultants that facilitate the creation of
enduring wealth, through implementation of efficient automated business information systems..

Our Services

We provide highly skilled professional services to Olympic mind set organization, that are gearing up towards building an institution that can compete globally.



We offer the following courses as either tailor- made to specific client needs or as a general comprehensive course for interested participants. This training is facilitated by professional accountants for accountants to give hands-on data analysis and report format techniques in a easy to understand approach.Professional accountants facilitate this training, to give hands-on technical financial skills that enhance the accountant productivity on the job function. It is enriched with live data examples designed to make the accountant proficient and up-to-date with accounting skills.



Our team of experts come into your company to analyze your business and evaluate the sources of information and their respective processes as they affect your computerized accounting system. We identify areas with bottlenecks and inadequate controls and design processes to effectively eliminate these potential risk in your computerized accounting environment

Process Analysis And Design: We deliver a report on the step-by-step recommendations for the improvement of the analyzed accounting processes.We are in your company rendering hands-on services



NGK & Co help you overcome the usual challenges of successfully choosing, installing and implementing efficient accounting software so that you can reap the benefits. We deliver any or all of the following services, Drawing from our company’s hands-on experience in the application of a wide range of accounting software packages, we evaluate your company’s current peculiar information needs and recommend an accounting software, that best suits your peculiar needs.We can customize any of the above accounting software.

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